Sabayon 15.11 KDE: hot, hotter and burnt : Review

The darkduck's linux blog has published a review of recently released Sabayon 15.11 KDE. The reviewer has a mixed response over Sabayon 15.11 KDE. In this review he is presenting both positive and negative impacts of Sabayon 15.11.

Sabayon is a distribution not famous among the majority of Linux fans, although it still has a decent army of followers. It is in the Top 30 of distributions, according to Distrowatch.

You can get ISO images of Sabayon either though one of their mirrors, or by torrent. I downloaded Sabayon 15.11 KDE 64-bit that is about 1.9 GB in size. Along with KDE, you can get Xfce, MATE, GNOME and some more flavours, including your own "SpinBase", if you wish.

Read complete review in Darkduck's linux blog.

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