ROSA Desktop Fresh R6 LXQt Released

The Rosa community announced release of ROSA Desktop Fresh R6 LXQt, latest update of russian GNU/Linux distribution initially forked from Mandriva Linux, featuring lightweight desktop environment LXQt. This is for the first time, Rosa providing lightweight distribution with LXQt. Earlier lightweight distributions of Rosa used to come with LXDE.

From release notes:
Up to Desktop Fresh R5, we used to release lightweight editions on the basis of LXDE. However, LXDE is based on GTK+2 library stack which didn't get significant updates since the year 2011 - all new features are now implemented in the GTK+3 series. However, migration from GTK+2 to GTK+3 is not smooth and some developers are not happy with the ew stack. In particular, after experiments with GTK+3 many LXDE developers decided to consider Qt as an alternative and in the year 2013 they decided to merge with Razor-qt project and create a new Qt-based lightweight desktop environment named LXQt.  

See more information in Rosa Wiki.

Download Rosa Desktop R6 LXQt

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