Red Hat CEO writes how he discovered true power of Linux

Mr Jim Whitehurst, the president and Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Red Hat, world's leading open source organization, has written an article in which he explains, how he discovered true powers and capabilities of Linux.

That use and familiarity with Linux would prove incredibly valuable when I was treasurer at Delta Air Lines. Beyond my role, I was genuinely interested in how people flew, why they flew, why they made the connections they made, why they chose nonstop flights over other options, and how much they tended to pay for nonstop flights as opposed to others. I decided to review a year's worth of Delta's network data to gain some insight into passenger psychology. (A quick aside: Many people aren't aware that airlines must record data from every 10th ticket they sell—the U.S. Department of Transportation makes this data available to the public as a free download.)
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