pfSense 2.2.6 Released

The pfSense team announced availability of pfSense 2.2.6-RELEASE, latest stable release of free network firewall distribution based on FreeBSD operating system. This release is shipped with a number of bug fixes and security updates.

According to official release announcement, following are some bug fixes made in this release.
  • pfSense-SA-15_09.webgui: Local File Inclusion Vulnerability in the pfSense WebGUI
  • pfSense-SA-15_10.captiveportal: SQL Injection Vulnerability in the pfSense captive portal logout
  • pfSense-SA-15_11.webgui: Multiple XSS and CSRF Vulnerabilities in the pfSense WebGUI
  • Updated to FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE-p25
  • FreeBSD-SA-15:26.openssl Multiple vulnerabilities in OpenSSL
  • Updated strongSwan to 5.3.5_2
  • Includes fix for CVE-2015-8023 authentication bypass vulnerability in the eap-mschapv2 plugin.
More information regarding this release can be found in pfSense blog.

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