OpenSUSE Leap 42.1 - Leap? More of a plunge : Review

The dedoimedo portal has published a review of OpenSUSE Leap 42.1, first version of OpenSUSE Leap series of distributions. This review criticizes that, despite of specifications and features advertised by OpenSUSE team, this is just an ordinary distribution.

Dig if you will the picture. Of SUSE and I engaged in a kiss. The smell of Plasma covers me. You get the point. But honestly, try to imagine the excitement. A new openSUSE release with the bestest number evar. Kernel 4, Plasma 5, my own unmistakable nostalgia and liking for openSUSE, the very first distro that made it onto my systems back in 2004.

Then, to make it all the more interesting, Kubuntu Werewolf and Netrunner Rolling 2015.11, both with the Plasma desktop, recently scored a magnificent zero points each in their own separate reviews. So, it's a matter of honor. Can SUSE exonerate the Plasma family? Could it be the best distro of this year? Yes, that's how much I'm betting on it. 

Read complete review in dedoimedo portal.

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