Manjaro Linux 15.12-R2 Released

The Manjaro team announced availability of Manjaro Linux 15.12-rc2, latest development release of upcoming Manjaro 15.12 'Capella'. This is one of the biggest update of Manjaro due to the C++ 11 ABI change within gcc.

From release announcement:
So what changed? We have now Plasma 5.5 with all its goodies, updated Mesa, LibreOffice 4 and 5 series. Firefox 43 is using now GTK3. You might need to check your themes if you have unwanted graphical issues due this change. However we fixed Menda, so you should be fine with that theme.

Most of our kernels got updated to the latest point release. Kernel 4.2 gained extended stable support from Canonical. Bumblebee uses now the group ‘bumblebee’ for the X-Server. Your user should been added to this group automatically. Wine got its 4th release candidate and is now pretty stable. We renewed some features of Manjaro-Settings-Manager and changed our profile structure of our manjaro-tools. Maintainers of Manjaro Install Medias should adopt to this new style.
See more information in Manjaro Blog.

Download Manjaro 15.12 RC2


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