Manjaro JWM Edition 15.12 Released

The Manjaro community announced release of Manjaro JWM edition 15.12, a community edition of Manjaro Linux built over Manjaro 15.12 Capella featuring JWM (Joe's Window Manager) as default desktop environment.

According to release announcemnet, following are highlights of this release.
  • 32bit version RAM footprint is now just 157MiB RAM and 64bit 212MiB RAM
  • 32bit version SIZE 848,3MiB and 64bits 981,5MiB
  • Includes several packages like Pacli Shell Package Control Center, JWMconf Shell Configuration Control Center, Linux Kernel (4.1.15-1), JWM 2.3.4, Slim, mhwd, Manjaro Settings Manager, Pamac, Compton, Conky, Pale Moon, LXMusic, i3lock, cbatticon, Sakura, Medit, Conky, Wbar, Rofi, Preload, Prelink, JWM Dark Red Theme
More inforomation can be found in Manjaro blog.

Download Manjaro JWM Edition

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