Manjaro i3 15.12 Released

The Manjaro community announced availability of Manjaro i3 15.12, latest stable build of Manjaro 15.12 based distribution featuring i3 as default desktop environment.

From release announcement:
With this newest version of manjaro-i3 we deliver a complete set of command line applications together with their convenient and more beginner-friendly gaphical alternatives. Community developed versatile settings manager Bmenu, package manager Pacli, filebrowser Ranger and music-player Moc have been added, pre-configured and customized aswell as a new feature to automatically add or remove Pulseaudio on top of the basic Alsa installation. Both init systems Systemd and OpenRC, 32bit and 64bit are available with graphical installers Thus, Calamares and our CLI-installer included.
Read complete announcement in Manjaro Blog.

Download Manjaro i3 15.12

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