Manjaro Deepin Edition 15.12 Released

Mr Bernhard Landauer, maintainer of Manjaro deepin edition announced availablity Manjaro Deepin Edition 15.12, community distribution of Manjaro, built over Manjaro 15.12 Capella featuring deepin as default desktop environment. This is first most Manjaro release featuring deepin. Deepin is an elegant desktop environment exclusively developed for Chinese GNU/Linux distribution deepin linux.

According to release announcement, following packages are included in this release.
Kernel Linux 4.1, Manjaro-Welcome, Installers Thus, Calamares and CLI, optional Window managers Mutter/Gala or Metacity, Chromium, Evolution, Libreoffice-still, Nautilus, Xarchiver, Deepin-Terminal, Deepin-Music, Deepin-Movie, Deepin-Game, Gimp, Gthumb, Deepin-Screenshot, Evince, Galculator, Xfburn, Manjaro-Printer, Xsane, Pamac, Manjaro-Settings-Manager, Lightdm-Deepin-Greeter, Pulseaudio, Dconf-Editor, Gparted, Isousb, Yaourt / Base-devel, Downgrade
See official release announcement in Manjaro blog.

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