Manjaro 15.12 KDE - Slow to boot, but stable & beautiful : Review

The hecticgeek portal has published a review of recently released Manjaro 15.12 KDE edition. This review observes that, though Manjaro KDE edition is taking more time(almost 50 second) to boot, it has done a good job by having a stable, beautiful and responsive plasma desktop.

So far, I have used two Manjaro releases. The first one was the XFCE desktop based release (Manjaro Ascella) and the other one was the KDE based version (Manjaro 0.8.9). I liked them both, but the XFCE version was more impressive, as far as the performance was concerned (at least).

To this day, Majaro Ascella was one of the GNU/Linux distributions that consumed the least amount of power at idle (it’s worth mentioning that it came with an aggressive hard disk spin down setting that should’ve had contributed to the low power usage readings). It was also impressively responsive when the hard disk was put under pressure, the KDE version, though, was horrible. This is a well known characteristic observation of the KDE desktop, at least in my experience (there are exceptions, though, which makes it all very interesting. Some blame it on the compositing backend of the KDE’s window manager — ‘KWin’).

Read complete review in hecticgeek portal.

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