i3 - A Tiling window manager

The Linux Voice portal has published a detailed overview of i3, a well known tiling window manager for GNU/Linux distribution. This article begins, by introducing concepts of tiling window manager and then it goes through different aspects like different controlling options, configurations ..etc.

If you’ve always used a stacking window manager (one in which windows overlap each other – most window managers are stacking), then the concept of a tiling window manager may seem a little strange. Using a tiling WM, you don’t have much control over window placement, and there’s usually no taskbar for minimised windows. Instead the whole thing is driven by keyboard commands. At first, this can seem archaic. When you first use a tiling window manager, you’ll probably find that it doesn’t make good use of screen space, but this is just because you haven’t learned to use it well yet.
Read complete article in Linux Voice portal.

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