Fedora 23 Workstation - A decent GNU/Linux distribution : Review

The dedoimedo portal has published a review of Fedora 23 workstation. Reviewer finds this distribution as an impressive one. He observes that GNOME 3.x has reached in a level, where we don't have much to hate that. And also it is working very well in Fedora 23 workstation.

Not so trivial, I'm afraid. Fedora simply refuses to boot on my G50 laptop. In fact, all RH-based distros have a distinct dislike for this particular hardware. I was forced to dust off my six-year-old LG machine with its aging Nvidia card and try again. No problems here, but then, I was hoping for a more relevant, more modern platform as the testbed.

Good news, the Gnome desktop does not suck as much as it used to. There are some marked improvements in the look & feel of this desktop environment. Sharper fonts, better contrast, proper DPI, icons that are actually hi-res all over the place, more stylish and elegant menus, more easily accessible and intuitive functionality. 

Read complete review in dedoimedo portal.

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