Deepin Store V4.0 Released

The deepin community announced release of Deepin Store V4.0, the unified place for managing software packages in deepin linux. This release of Deepin Store comes with a lot of visual and performance improvements. These improvements make it more simple and easy to use.

From release announcement:
With a new positioning of “Fine APP Store”, every application in Deepin Store has been specially checked and evaluated. We insist on only collecting high-quality applications without poor apology. It helps you quickly locate the application by the more lucid category changed from the traditional redundant application category. The cover, icon, description and other information of applications are elaborately made by designers and document engineers with rich and elegant application screenshots, allowing you to quickly find the right application.

Read more information in deepin's blog.

Presently deepin store V4.0 is supported deepin 15 beta release only. Users of this beta release may update their store software through control center.

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