deepin 15 RC is Available Now

The deepin team announced availability of deepin 15 RC, latest development release upcoming stable deepin release. deepin is an elegant GNU/Linux distribution from China, which features a well polished desktop environment combined good quality in house products such as deepin video, deepin music, deepin store, deepin games ..etc.

New development release of deepin is a result of one of year of constant development effort and this is coming with more polished interface.

From official release notes:
Our basic principles to design deepin: Simple, beautiful and content first. Hope everyone will feel amazing, smooth, fresh and distinctive when using deepin.

The core for icon design is to allow you to quickly identify and memory. So we disassembled the design into three parts: Shape, color and symbol.

Taking Deepin music icon for example, we visualize music by the orbital vinyl record, express the good mood to listen to music by green, and show the abstract music by staff notation.

Find complete release notes in deepin blog.

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