deepin 15 Beta Released

The deepin community announced availability of deepin 15 beta, latest development release of Chinese GNU/Linux distribution that is committed for providing an elegant, user-friendly, safe and stable operating system for users all over the world. This release comes with a lot of visual improvements.

From release announcement:
Completely new design style. For this edition, white system theme and winning works of Deepin Wallpaper Contest 2015 have been used to present you a fresh and elegant feeling. System sound and animation effects and have been thoroughly perfected. Notification, Wakeup and such operations will all come with fine sound and animation effects. Since then, every operation you do will no longer be dull. Meanwhile, we have further refined system details, e.g., finely adjusted the render effects of fonts, added Multitasking View button to Dock. All are to make you use comfortably and smoothly in work and entertainment.

See more information and screenshots in deepin blog.

Download deepin 15 Beta

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