A Review of Chakra Linux 2015.11 'Fermi' Review

The EverydayLinux portal has published a review of recently released Chakra Linux 2015.11 'Fermi'. Chakra is an Arch based rolling GNU/Linux distribution featuring KDE as default desktop.

Chakra Linux shares a lot of similarities with Arch Linux although it isn't based on it and the packages are not compatible between the two systems.
I tend to steer clear of Arch Linux on this site because whilst it is clearly a great project in the minds of a lot of users it also requires a higher level of competency when compared with the likes of Ubuntu, Mint, Zorin and PCLinuxOS.
Chakra also requires a certain amount of skill to use. When I first started using it I did get to the stage where I wondered exactly who the target audience for Chakra is. Arch has a huge set of repositories and if you really want to get your hands dirty would you not just use Arch? In which case, what is the point of a similar distribution that is smaller in terms of the size of community?
Read complete review in everydaylinuxuser's portal.

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