A Review of Chakra GNU/Linux 2015.11

Latest issue of distrowatch weekly, features a review of recently released Chakra GNU/Linux 2015.11. Chakra is an independently evolving, initially forked from Arch, GNU/Linux distribution that presents a semi-rolling release model. It also tries to make use of complete power of KDE Plasma.

The latest release of Chakra was version 2015.11 "Fermi" and it features a number of important changes. Perhaps the most visual change for this release was the removal of the Tribe system installer in favour of Calamares, a distribution-neutral installer that is becoming increasingly popular. This release also sees Chakra's GTK repository of software packages enabled by default and the adoption of the SDDM display manager. The greeter application which helped new users customize their desktop has been removed from this version of Chakra. This release also features some key package upgrades and includes KDE's Plasma 5.4 desktop environment.

Read complete review in Distrowatch Weekly News Letter.

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