3 Best Arch Based GNU/Linux Distributions

Arch Linux is most popular open source rolling GNU/Linux distribution. It is based on KISS(Keep it Simple, Stupid) principle. So it comes with minimal configurations, on which users can install their own custom interface. But this approach is not acceptable for newbies as it requires a lot of knowledge and effort to build something usable over Arch base. Exploiting this fact, there are several GNU/Linux distributions based on Arch, which combines powerful Arch base with simple and easy to user interface.

An article published in tecmint portal reviews, 3 such Arch based GNU/Linux distributions.

If you’re an avid Linux user you probably know by now that it is no operating system for the weak at heart (well sometimes). The chances of you getting crushed when trying to install a Linux-based operating system or learning the usual curves in your first week are pretty high.

However, starting your trip into the world of Linux would mostly require you using one of the mainstream distros out there are Ubuntu, Linux Mint etc. Most of the time, these distros are usually the best choices shoved in your face when you Google the usual keywords. Two months or so into your journey and you probably would have discovered more distros using the Linux base (if you’re that explorative).
See complete article in tecmint portal.

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