13 Popular Open Source Desktop Envrionments

Open Source is all about choice. There are several open source desktop environment available in market. Some them are full featured desktop environments. Being full featured, they are resource consuming too. And these desktop environments won't be recommended for older computers and mini computers.

An article published in tecmint portal lists and briefly explains 13 different open source desktop environments available.
The word ‘Open Source‘ can be attributed to Linux community which brought it into existence along with introduction of Linux (successor of then existing Unix Operating System). Although ‘Linux‘ in itself came into existence only a base Kernel, but its open source nature attracted huge society of developers worldwide to contribute to its development.

This created a revolution worldwide and many people and communities started contributing towards making it a complete Operating System which could replace Unix. Then onwards, there has been no turning back with active development going on at a steady pace.

Read complete article in tecmint portal.

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22 April 2016 at 13:07 delete

I agree with the following Reviewer about this article:

Mor January 15, 2016 at 10:22 pm
I thought it was supposed to be a post on lightweight DEs? GNOME3, KDE (although it improved meaningly with Plasma 5), Unity and Cinnamon are quite the resource hogs when it comes to memory/CPU/GPU usage. I wouldn’t exactly call them lightweight. Besides when it comes to lightness there are other desktops around: Budgie, Lumina… to name a few.

Now of course enlightenment and Sugar "Tastes Good on a Stick!" are real light but these others could be if you are comparing them to running on the world's fastest SuperComputer! But really, THEY ARE NOT!!!!

AND BY THE WAY, HOW DOES A ROBOT WRITE A COMMENT? THE ROBOT CAN'T SO "IT ENGINEERS QUIT DESIGNING WEBSITES THAT MAKE PEOPLE DO MORE SECURE CHECKOFFS BECAUSE AFTER ALL, it is your people that are hacking websites and people's computers and these checkoffs ought to be yours!!!!