10 Most Popular GNU/Linux distributions of 2015

It is always interesting to know about most popular GNU/Linux distributions. There are some GNU/Linux distributions which consistently comes in list popular GNU/Linux distributions. While there are some others are short lived. They comes in a moment of time, exhibit good performance and one day they disappear.

As the end of 2015 approaches, tecmint portal has published a list of 10 most popular GNU/Linux distributions of 2015. This list is compared with list of popular GNU/Linux distributions in 2014.
As the end of 2015 approaches, it is not only a time to start drafting your new year’s resolutions but also to check out what were the most popular Linux distributions in 2015. A brief comparison with 2014 will also help us whether those distros are actually experiencing sustained growth or not. Ready to start? Let’s begin.

To find out what are the most widely used distros of this year, let’s head to Distrowatch and check the Page Hit Ranking (PHR for short) table. There you can choose a wide variety of time spans that will allow you to check the ranking of Linux and BSD distributions in that period of time.
See complete article in tecmint portal.

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