What Can Be A Perfect GNU/Linux distribution?

There is a wide variety of GNU/Linux distribution. Each of them have specific features, look and feel and purpose. The term perfect GNU/Linux distribution is some what relative. It will change from person to person.

Mr Bryan Lunduke is sharing his views about a perfect GNU/Linux distribution network portal.
As I review one Linux distribution or another, I find myself uttering phrases like "This is pretty good! Almost makes me want to switch my system to this," over and over again. So many distributions of Linux are truly fantastic – but usually with a caveat. Something that stops me from making them my primary system.
Which begs the question… What does the perfect Linux distribution (or Linux-based operating system) look like for me?

If I throw out all of my preconceptions of various distros, and ignore any sense of brand or community loyalty that I have (let's be honest… we all have at least a little bit of that) and focus purely on what that makes up that perfect system… what would it look like?

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