Ubuntu MATE 15.10 Review

The dedoimedo portal has published a review of recently released Ubuntu MATE 15.10. The reviewer is not happy with Ubuntu MATE 15.10. In this review, he is complaining about frequent crashes, several bugs , bad package management in this distribution.

Or befriended a sheep in the best of Balkan fashion, and they got married and lived happily ever after. Or something. But it is high noon, to spare more time and scrutiny to the MATE edition of the Werewolf breed. Maybe it will give us that extra something that the other three haven't?

It is always fun to see an old friend show its face. MATE is like Gnome 2, and for many many years, it was the pinnacle of Linux efficiency. It still looks presentable, but it has been overtaken in many aspects of usability and ergonomics by the likes of Cinnamon and Plasma. Still decent, but it needs fire and energy. And better icons.  

Read complete review in dedoimedo portal.

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