The UX Principles behind Ubuntu Phone

Ubuntu based smart phones are around for a while. Ubuntu phones are known for it's unique user experience. Canonical, the team behind Ubuntu is concentrating their efforts to provide same user experience across different platforms including laptops, tablets, smart phones..etc.

An article published in sitepoint portal, looks into different aspects of Ubuntu phone user experience.
Open Source enthusiasts have a lot to thank Ubuntu for. As one of the first mainstream Linux distributions, Ubuntu by Canonical contributed greatly to the perception of Linux and Open Source we have today. As today’s society becomes more and more ‘mobile’, it’s no surprise that Canonical wants a presence on mobile mediums too. Ubuntu for Phones is Canonical’s take on its operating system tailored for mobile devices. First introduced in 2013, it has struggled to gain traction, with the first Ubuntu Phone launching in January 2015 focused on early adopters and developers.

That said, Ubuntu for Phones utilizes a different User Experience and design philosophy, starting from the extensive use of gestures and edges, which is unique among mobile operating systems.

Read complete article in sitepoint portal.

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