The NixOS - A purely functional Distribtuion : Review

Latest issue of distrowatch weekly(issue 637), features a review of NixOS which is a less known GNU/Linux distribution that is unique in the way it's handling packages and configuration. NixOS is built over Nix Package manager, and it is completely declarative which makes package managing easier.

The NixOS Linux distribution is not a project which gets talked about a lot, perhaps because the project's primary focus appears to be to act as a demonstration platform for the Nix package manager rather than a practical day-to-day operating system. Personally, I think Nix, and therefore NixOS, are interesting projects and I'd like to explore them this week.

The NixOS distribution is available in two editions, a text-only minimal image and a graphical edition. Both editions are available in 32-bit and 64-bit builds for the x86 architecture. I opted to try the 64-bit graphical version of NixOS which is a 965MB download.

Read complete review in distrowatch weekly.

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