Manjaro 15.12 Preview 2 Released

The Manjaro team announced  availability of Manjaro 15.12 Preview 2, second development release of upcoming stable release. This Preview is released just 5 days after release of Preview 1.

From official release announcement, following are some notable changes in this release.
  • we reworked our preview of all installation options
  • some UEFI issues got fixed
  • it is now possible to use the same password also for the root account
  • bootloaders can now be optionally installed
  • kcm module of Manjaro-Settings got reworked
  • several enhancements to Pamac and Octopi
  • optimizations and fixes to Manjaro-Tools
  • a lvm issue was fixed within Thus
For more information, see complete release announcement in manjaro blog.

Download Manjaro 15.12 Preview 2

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