Leaping in a new direction with openSUSE 42.1

Latest issue of distrowatch weekly, features a review of recently released OpenSUSE Leap 42.1. OpenSUSE Leap is a new kind of distribution from OpenSUSE family which comes with latest and greatest technologies. This review praises OpenSUSE leap for it's technical impressiveness and visual appearance.

The new release provides users with KDE's Plasma 5.4 desktop as well as GNOME 3.16 and MATE 1.10 (along with various other desktop environments I will touch on later). Unlike previous releases of openSUSE, there is no live disc for 42.1. Our download choices include a 4.3GB installation DVD and a 85MB net-install CD. I decided to download the full sized DVD image. Booting from the openSUSE 42.1 media brings up a menu giving us the option of installing the distribution, upgrading an existing copy of openSUSE, starting a rescue session or checking the integrity of the media. I would be curious to see how well the upgrade feature works coming from a pre-Leap version of openSUSE, but I unfortunately did not have the time to explore that option this week. Instead I dived straight into the installation process. 

Read complete review in distrowatch weekly.

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