Kwort Linux 4.3 Released

The Kwort team announced release of Kwort Linux 4.3, latest stable release of CRUX based GNU/Linux distribution that combines robustness and easy to extend features of CRUX with powerful and useful application, that helps to create a simple system for advanced users.

From release announcement:
As always we remain fast, stable, and simple and now we have grown up a little to include a lot of Linux firmwares available for tons of devices. As usual, everything has been built cleanly and from scratch.

Most significant technical aspects of CRUX 4.3 are, Linux kernel 4.1.13, New kpkg version providing exclusion support during upgrades (to avoid upgrading configuration files), Chromium 47.0.2526.69 (beta), The init scripts are more unified now with start-stop-daemon. 

Read complete release announcement in Kwort's home page.

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