Fedora 23 Workstation Review

Mr Sayak Bishwas, one young blogger from India, has published a review of recently released Fedora 23 workstation. The reviewer observes Fedora 23 as a well working distribution. And also in his opinion, Fedora 23 is the most polished Fedora distribution he has used.

Fedora was the first Linux distribution that I ever used; Fedora 7 it was, I believe. I was in the first year of college and one of our CS profs asked us to put Fedora in our new college provided HP Laptops(on which we had already installed Windows XP, of course). The image was hosted on the college network. I downloaded it, went back home and got to work installing it, excited to find something new. Of course, at that point of time I didn’t know anything about installing Operating Systems outside of Windows XP. So, over the course of the installation procedure, I was appalled to find out that fedora had blown my XP partition to kingdom come along with all the data I had. The whole fiasco was my fault, of course, but I couldn’t help cursing at the Fedora developers...
Read complete review in Sayak Bishwas's blog.

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