Fedora 21 Approaches End Of Life

Keeping tradition of Fedora distribution, with the release of Fedora 23, Fedora 21 is approaching it's End Of Life(EOL). Deceber 1 is decided date of dropping support for Fedora 21. Those who use Fedora 21 are recommended to upgraded to a later version.

From an announcement published in Fedora Magazine.
Fedora 21 was the first release to ship the Workstation, Server and Cloud editions when it was first released in December 2014. Fedora 21 Workstation was when users could first test GNOME Wayland, which is slated to be the default display server come Fedora 24. On the Server, Cockpit and Rolekit both made their debut in Fedora 21, and Fedora Cloud introduced the Fedora Atomic Host for the first time in Fedora 21.

Read complete announcement in Fedora Magazine.

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