deepin linux 15 Alpha 2 Released

The deepin community announced availability of deepin 15 Alpha 2, latest development release of Ubuntu based elegant Chinese GNU/Linux distribution featuring custom made efficient desktop environment, media player, software center..etc.

From release announcement:
deepin 15 Alpha 2 is thoroughly changed with a brand new system architecture. System performance and resources occupation have been significantly improved. Meanwhile, significant attention has been paid in internationalization for this system. Not only multi-language display has been improved, but also the mirror acceleration(CDN acceleration) function has been added for the first time. So you can experience the infinite charm of deepin wherever you are!

Thanks to the comprehensive optimization of the system internal architecture, deepin 15 Alpha 2 has become more light and keen. A new window manager has been adopted in this edition, performance and compatibility has reached perfect balance.

 For more information, see complete release announcement in deepin blog.

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