Creating a Twitter Client using Python

The Linux Voice magazine, one of the leading open source magazine, has published a tutorial for writing a desktop twitter client using python. This tutorial make use of two libraries, namely Tweepy, a twitter python API and EasyGUI a easy to use GUI API for python.

Now you may be thinking “Why would I want to use Python with Twitter?” Well, dear reader, quite simply we can use Python to build our own applications that can use Twitter in any of the ways listed above. But we can also use Twitter and Python to enable interaction between the web and the physical world. We can create a script that searches for a particular hashtag, say #linuxvoice, and when it finds it, an LED can flash, a buzzer can buzz or a robot can start navigating its way around the room.

Tweepy The simplest method to install Tweepy on your machine is via Pip, a package manager for Python. This does not come installed as standard on most machines, so a little command line action is needed. The instructions below work for all Debian- and Ubuntu-based distros.

See complete tutorial in Linux Voice portal.

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