6 Web Browsers for GNU/Linux Distributions

The Linux Voice, one of the leading open source magazine has published a comparison of different web browsers that can be used in GNU/Linux platforms. This comparison covers different aspects of web browsers like availability of add-ons, compatibility with web standards ..etc

Web browsers shape the way we view and interact with the internet. They have grown along with the internet as it evolved from primarily a read-only medium to a content-creation platform. As content producers explore new avenues of pushing more content and creation avenues to us users, web browsers must keep pace with the new and upcoming protocols and web technologies that piggyback the content.

It’s fair to say that the web browser has become the most widely used piece of software. With the rising number of web-based apps and cloud services, the web browser is probably the first app you call upon after logging into the desktop. In fact, for some people it wouldn’t be unfair to say that the performance of the browser dictates their whole desktop experience. This is why you need to make sure you pick the correct web browser for you. 

Read complete article in Linux Voice Portal.

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