Ubuntu Kylin Powers Around 42% of Dell Computers in China

Dell officials revealed that, more than 40% of Dell computers running in China are powered by Ubuntu Kylin, which is a canonical powered operating system. China government encourages their citizens to use Kylin as an alternative to Microsoft Windows.

From a news article published in thevarguy portal:
Open source fans, rejoice: The Year of the Linux Desktop has arrived. Or something close to it is on the horizon in China, at least, where Dell has reported that more than 40 percent of the PCs it sells run a variant of Ubuntu Linux that Canonical helped develop. Specifically, Dell said that 42 percent of computers in China run NeoKylin, an operating system that originated as an effort in China to build a home-grown alternative to Microsoft (MSFT) Windows. Also known simply Kylin, the OS has been based on Ubuntu since 2013, when Canonical began collaborating with the Chinese government to create an Ubuntu variant tailored for the Chinese market. Earlier versions of Kylin, which has been around since 2001, were based on other operating systems, including FreeBSD, an open source Unix-like operating system that is distinct from Linux.

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