Semplice Workstation 2015.2 'Jethro Tull'; A Simple, Lightweight and Fast GNU/Linux Distro

Semplice is a Debian based simple, lightweight, fast and elegant GNU/Linux distribution. Semplice has got two different variants. Once is Current which is based on Debian unstable branch, and the other one Workstation, is based on Debian stable branch.

hecticgeek has published a review of Semplice 15.2 'Jethro Tull'. This review remarks that Semplice team has put  genuine effort to come up with a different & a lightweight desktop, the use of BFQ and the low power usage readings etc.
Semplice is a Debian based GNU/Linux distribution that comes with a simple & a lightweight desktop of its own called ‘vera’, which is actually a combination of Openbox window manager (a utility that lets you control your application windows such as resizing, minimizing & moving them around) and a lightweight bottom panel called Tint2. It also makes use of couple of applications & functionalities from LXDE, Xfce & Gnome3 as well. So the desktop is a bit of everything. I’ve been using Semplice for a couple of days now, and I can say that from the look-n-feel of things, it indeed does deliver a simple desktop which is also lightweight

See complete review here.

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