Sabayon 15.10 Released

Mr joost of Sabayon project announced release of Sabayon 15.10, latest release of Gentoo based modern GNU/Linux distribution following extreme, reliable rolling release model.

From official press release regarding release of Sabayon 15.10:
We are now tracking the 3.10, 3.12, 3.14 Long Term Stable Linux kernels, offering (almost) same-day updates to them. If you are using Sabayon in a server environment, you surely welcome this. However, if you’re using Sabayon on your laptop, desktop workstation, switching between kernels or just moving to a new version has become a no-brainer operation through Rigo: just go to the preferences menu, select the kernel menu (LTS and regular kernels are listed in separate menus), pick a kernel and click “Install”. Rigo will take care of updating external modules in a reliable and safe way on your behalf.

For more information see complete press release here

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