Raspbian Jessie Released

Raspbian developers announced release of Raspbian Jessy, latest stable release of Debian based Raspberry Pi operating system. This is first Raspbian release based on Debian 8.x Jessy. Recent versions of Raspbian were based on Debian 7.x Wheezy.

According to official release announcement:
Many of the changes between Wheezy and Jessie are invisible to the end-user. There are modifications to the underlying system to improve performance and flexibility, particularly as regards the control of system processes, and as with any update, there are numerous bug fixes and tweaks. And at the same time as the upgrade to Jessie, we’ve added a bunch of changes and improvements to the desktop user interface.

For more information and detailed feature list, see complete release announcement here

Download Raspbian Jessie ZIP

Download Raspbian Jessie TORRENT

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