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MidnightBSD 0.7 Released
09/21/2015 07:54 AM

Mr Lucas Holt, one of the core developer of midnight bsd announced release of MidnightBSD 0.7, latest stable release of MidnightBSD distributions, which was initially forked from FreeBSD 6.1 beta. This release of MidnightBSD comes with security fixes, more enhancements and updated software packages. According to official release announcement, following are updated software packages in this

Manjaro XFCE 15.12 Alpha 2 is Online Now
09/19/2015 05:41 PM

Mr Philip Muller of Manjaro, announced availability of Manjaro XFCE 15.12 Alpha 2. In the same announcement, Mr Muller also indicates that, Manjaro 15.09 is about to release within few days. From Release announcement: We will reach our second version of Calamares in early fall 2015. The Calamares team worked hard to approach this. One big change is now: you can re-use each module in

Manjaro Linux 15.09 - Arch Linux for Mortals
09/18/2015 10:26 PM

Manjaro team is currently working on their latest release and they have already rolled out 3 release candidates. A review written by Mr J.A Watson evaluates Manjaro as a powerful Arch based distribution. He also observes Manjaro's stable updates, which is mostly released in every weeks, as a good highlight. It has now become one of my standard distributions which I install on

Converting Respberry Pi into a Portable Streaming Camera
09/18/2015 10:18 PM

The Raspberry Pi has a got a wide popularity due to it's ability to turn into a wide range of devices. It's high flexibility and portability also contributes to it's value. A tutorial written by Mr Anderson Silva of Red Hat, published in explains how to convert a Raspberry Pi device to a portable streaming camera. Last month I decided to kick off a new Raspberry Pi

Manjaro XFCE 15.09 RC3 Released
09/17/2015 08:52 PM

The Manjaro team announced release of Manjaro XFCE 15.09 RC3, development release of upcoming stable Manjaro distribution which is well known for it's powerful Arch base and user friendly interface. By this release, Manjaro team is focusing their main attention on common core, which will benefit wide user base of Manjaro. According to official release announcement: We ship Xfce 4.12

GNOME 3.18 Final RC Released
09/17/2015 08:39 PM

The GNOME foundation announced availability of final release candidate for GNOME 3.18. This release candidate will mark end of another development cycle for world's most widely used open source desktop environment. It is expected that, GNOME 3.18 final will be released within one week. From a news article published in softpedia The GNOME development team has revealed that the final

Linux Mint 18 to Feature Cinnamon 3
09/16/2015 10:55 PM

Linux Mint developers while announcing Linux Mint 17.3 release, revealed some information regarding Linux Mint 18. They reveled that, Linux Mint 18 will be featuring Cinnamon 3, upcoming release of Cinnamon. They also hinted that Linux Mint 18 may come with a code name Sarah. From a news article published in softpedia The Linux Mint developers have just revealed that the 17.3 branch

Ubuntu Kylin Powers Around 42% of Dell Computers in China
09/16/2015 10:36 PM

Dell officials revealed that, more than 40% of Dell computers running in China are powered by Ubuntu Kylin, which is a canonical powered operating system. China government encourages their citizens to use Kylin as an alternative to Microsoft Windows. From a news article published in thevarguy portal: Open source fans, rejoice: The Year of the Linux Desktop has arrived. Or something

Customizing Ubuntu MATE Like `The Classic Ubuntu`/Ubuntu 4.10
09/15/2015 11:17 PM

People often like to customize their operating systems. Most of the newbies to GNU/Linux distribution prefer to customize their distributions like Windows or Mac OS X. However, exceptions are everywhere. There might some people who prefer to customize their operating system like classic Ubuntu. An article published in softpedia introduces a theme pack that can be used for customizing Ubuntu

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