Manjaro 15.09 Bellatrix Released

The Manjaro team announced release of Manjaro 15.09, latest stable release of Arch based rolling GNU/Linux distribution, with code name Bellatrix.

Manjaro 15.09, Bellatrix is result of development efforts since the beginning of June 2015. This release has got a different version number comparing to previous releases and this convention will be taken forward.

From release announcement:
Also new is: we ship with Calamares as an alternative graphical installer. It is now stable enough to be used on productive systems. You can still use Thus. Also our terminal installer got some small improvements. So stay tuned for the fresh ISO image hit the net …With this we updated Firefox to 41 series, pulseaudio to 7.0, linux313 to, linux319 to, added some dbus fixes, adjusted Mate in regard of polkit, plus fixed some issues in our tools.

For more information see complete release announcement here

Download Manjaro 15.09 Bellatrix

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