Customizing Ubuntu MATE Like `The Classic Ubuntu`/Ubuntu 4.10

People often like to customize their operating systems. Most of the newbies to GNU/Linux distribution prefer to customize their distributions like Windows or Mac OS X. However, exceptions are everywhere. There might some people who prefer to customize their operating system like classic Ubuntu.

An article published in softpedia introduces a theme pack that can be used for customizing Ubuntu MATE distribution like Ubuntu 4.10.
Users like to make their Linux distribution look like something else, and Windows is usually a good target, but someone figured out that users might like to experience something from the past and put together a pack that can do just that.

Most themes that you can find today are about being modern and about following the latest trends. One day we're using flat icons, the next we're moving to something better. There are thousands of system themes and icon themes for Linux OSes and it appears that new ones pop up every day.
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