Vector Linux 7.1 - Moving in a Different Direction : Review

Now a days, there are many GNU/Linux distribution offering simplicity, ease of use, beginner friendly interface. If we go through those GNU/Linux distributions, we can see that most of them are based on Debian, Ubuntu or  at least Fedora. There may be several reasons behind this trend.

Latest distrowatch weekly news letter includes a review of Vector Linux 7.1 as it's cover story. Distrowatch observes that, Vector Linux is some what beginner friendly despite of it's roots on Slackware which is not of course recommended for newbies.

Often times, when we look out over the sea of Linux distributions, we see a lot of Debian based projects, dozens of Ubuntu spins and a healthy collection of Fedora derivatives. It seems to me that distributions based on Slackware are sighted less and less these days. Maybe Slackware's traditional style just does not appeal to new distribution creators or maybe the distribution's conservative nature has become a liability in today's environment of fast paced development. Whatever the reason, VectorLinux 7.1 (a Slackware derivative) was launched back in June and I, hungry for a taste of Slackware, happily added it to my list of projects to review.

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