The Solus OS to Be Released on 1st October

The Solus OS, which was earlier known as Evolve OS, is expected to release it's first stable release by 1st of october. Solus is an independently evolving GNU/Linux distribution that is dedicated to provide easy usability. Solus Operating System has already made t2o release candidates available and it is almost stable so far. A recent demonstration of Solus OS showcased it's ability to boot your system within 1.2 seconds.

According to a news article published in softpedia:
The Solus operating system now has a release date, and its developers have made a firm commitment to it. So, if you want to get the stable version of Solus, you'll have to wait until October 1.

The Solus developers took everyone by surprise with their operating system because it looks like a traditional desktop experience, but the truth is that it's nothing like that. If you use it even for a few minutes, you'll notice that it's actually a very modern OS hidden under a simple and efficient desktop design. In fact, the founder and main developer of Solus, Ikey Doherty, said this on many occasions. He wants a desktop operating system and nothing else.

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