Tails 1.5 Released

Tails GNU/Linux developers announced release of Tails 1.5, latest stable release of GNU/Linux distribution that offers security and anonymity while surfing internet. Tails 1.5 includes a lot of security updates and developers recommend existing Tails users to upgrade to new system.

According to official release announcement following are major changes introduced in Tails 1.5
  • Now local host can not be accessed through secure browser. You will have to use unsafe browsers to access local host
  • Includes Tor Browser 5.0 which is based on Firefox 5.0
  • Includes a 32-bit GRUB EFI boot loader so that now Tails start on some tablets with Intel Bay Trail processors among others.  
  • Let the user know when Tails Installer has rejected a device because it is too small.
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