Robolinux Mate Raptor V8.1 LTS Released

The Robolinux team announced release of Robolinux MATE Raptor 8.1 LTS, the latest stable release of Debian based GNU/Linux distribution that let you to run virtual machines effortlessly.

According to release announcement:
Robolinux is very pleased and excited to announce its brand new lightning fast Robolinux "Mate Raptor" V8.1 LTS 2020 OS which is based on the rock solid Debian 8 stable source code with the 3.16 Linux kernel. It uses 210 MB less RAM than our Cinnamon version. Custom scripts can be added to the Caja file Manager to speed up your productivity. It has far better graphics quality, boots up and runs much faster than our Debian 7 versions and is also compatible with newer hardware, drivers and most notably the Intel Haswell chipset. 

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