Rainbow Stream - An open source command line client for Twitter

Iit is a good information for those who prefer to use command line user interface over modern graphical user interface. Now you can access your twitter account using a command line tool called Rainbow stream.

An article written by Avishek Kumar, published in tecmint magazine gives a brief overview of Rainbow Stream. And also, he explains steps to install Rainbow Stream in popular GNU/Linux distributions.
Rainbow Stream is a free and open source Twitter-client for Linux command-line, released under MIT License. It is capable of showing Realtime tweetstream, compose a tweet, search, favorite,…..etc. Rainbow Stream gives a real-fun right into your Linux terminal. It is also capable of showing twitter images directly on terminal.

It is written in Python and built on top of Twitter API and Python Twitter Tool. To run this application in your console you must have installed python and pip version 2.7.x or 3.x.

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