Quirky Linux 7.1 'Appril' Released

The Quriky Linux team announced release of Quirky Linux 7.1, latest update to Quirky Linux 7.x 'April' series. Quriky Linux 7.1 'Appril' is a special built offering android developer tools to make the development activities smooth.

According to official release announcement of Quriky Linux 7.1:
Quirky Linux 7.1 includes following android developer tools
  • Android SDK 
  • Android Studio 
  • App Inventor 
  • Oracle JDK  
  • LiveCode
These packages and their dependencies have blown up this Quirky way beyond our usual pup. The download file is just under 1GB.

The intention is to have out-of-the-box, just-click-and-get-going Android app development, catering for total non-programmers with App Inventor, through intermediate with LiveCode, to hard-core coders with Android Studio.

A significant feature of Appril is that App Inventor runs locally, whereas the official project is hosted by MIT "in the cloud". 

Download Qurky Linux 7.1 Appril

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