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Transforming Android Device to Open Source Camera
08/30/2015 11:51 AM

Do you have a unused android device? What you think about converting it into an open source camera that can be used for capturing, organizing, and uploading photos to online platforms? Brilliant.Is n't it? A tutorial written by Dmitri Popov, published in scribblesandsnaps explains steps to convert your android device to an open source camera. This includes installing CyanogenMod which

Ubuntu Continues As Leader in Cloud
08/29/2015 11:03 PM

Ubuntu, world's most widely used open source operating systems has maintained it's position in cloud platforms. A new analysis done by Cloud Market on Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud confirms this trend.    According to statistics, Ubuntu has over 135,000 instances in EC2. While the second operating system, far behind Ubuntu, is Amazon's Linux Amazon Machine Image (AMI). Windows, CentOS and

Is Your PC Compatible with GNU/Linux
08/28/2015 10:27 PM

In present world, most of the PC's are designed to be compatible with Microsoft Windows. But If you are a GNU/Linux enthusiast you might not be happy with that and you will prefer to have a GNU/Linux distribution installed in your system. But is your PC really compatible with GNU/Linux? How to know that? An article written by Chris Hoffman published in pcworld magazine suggests some

Tails, The Amnesic Incognito Live System, version 1.5.1 Released
08/28/2015 10:19 PM

The Tails GNU/Linux development team announced release of Tails 1.5.1, the latest update of Debian based GNU/Linux distribution featuring tools that ensure your privacy and anonymity while surfing internet. Tails 1.5.1 is a critical release or in another words it is an emergency release triggered by release of Mozilla Firefox with some critical security fixes. Tails 1.5.1 includes Tor

Ubuntu 15.10 Beta 1 is Available for All Flavors
08/28/2015 10:10 PM

The Ubuntu developers and the teams behind other official Ubuntu flavors announced release of *ubuntu 15.10 Beta 1 with code name 'Wily Werewolf'. *ubuntu 15.10 Beta 1 is first beta release for upcoming *ubuntu 15.10 stable release. It is expected that, *ubuntu 15.10 final will be shipped on 22nd of coming October. This release announcement is applicable for all official ubuntu flavors

LibreOffice 5.0.1 Released
08/27/2015 09:31 PM

The Document Foundation announced release of LibreOffice 5.0.1, first update to recently released LibreOffice 5.0 branch. This release includes a lot of fixes over major release announced at the beginning of this month. Market response for LibreOffice 5.0, shows that, it is the best office suite released so far. From official announcement: Berlin, August 27, 2015 – The Document

Ubuntu MATE 15.10 Beta 1 Released
08/27/2015 09:14 PM

The Ubuntu MATE developers announced release of Ubuntu MATE 15.10 Beta 1, with code name 'Wily Werewolf'. Ubuntu MATE 15.10 Beta 1, is a pre-release for Ubuntu MATE 15.10 final, which is expected to be release on 22nd of coming october.  Ubuntu MATE team has made several changes since release of earlier pre-release, Alpha 2. According to release announcement, these changes includes

Scientific Linux 6.7 Released for i386/x86_64 Architectures
08/27/2015 09:16 PM

The Fermilab announced release of Scientific Linux 6.7, latest update to Scientific Linux 6.x series. Scientific Linux is a Red Hat Enterprise Linux based distribution that provides a stable and powerful base for scientific activities. Existing users of Scientific Linux 6.x series can migrate to latest update just using `yum update` command. From a release announcement posted in

10 Strange, Weird GNU/Linux Distribution
08/26/2015 10:39 PM

If you are an average open source enthusiast, you might have heard about popular main line GNU/Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Open SUSE ..etc. Also, you may have heard of some other derivatives of these distributions like Linux Mint, Korora, Zorin OS ..etc But, do you think that, you have reached enough to diverse world of GNU/Linux distributions? Have you thought

Five top games for GNU/Linux
08/25/2015 10:30 PM

It is often told that GNU/Linux is not a good choice for serious gamers. Though it is partially correct, I can not agree with it completely. There are a lot of amazing games that works very well in GNU/Linux platforms. An article written by Hunter Banks, published in lists 5 top games for GNU/Linux. In 2014 and 2015, Linux became home to a list of popular

KDE Plasma 5.4.0 Released
08/25/2015 10:24 PM

KDE Community announced release of KDE Plasma 5.4.0, latest stable release of popular open source desktop framework.  Plasma 5.4.0 is shipped with a lot of improvements like better DPI support, auto completion feature KRunner and many new beautiful Breeze icons. It also includes a preview for upcoming Wayland sessions. More from release announcement: With Plasma 5.4 the first

Quirky Linux 7.1 'Appril' Released
08/25/2015 10:06 PM

The Quriky Linux team announced release of Quirky Linux 7.1, latest update to Quirky Linux 7.x 'April' series. Quriky Linux 7.1 'Appril' is a special built offering android developer tools to make the development activities smooth. According to official release announcement of Quriky Linux 7.1: Quirky Linux 7.1 includes following android developer tools Android SDK  Android Studio

MakuluLinux Aero 10 - Beta Build 2.3 Released
08/24/2015 09:18 PM

MakuluLinux developers announced release of MakuluLinux Aero 10 - Beta Build 2.3, which is a Ubuntu/Debian based GNU/Linux distribution. MakuluLinux Aero is almost close enough to windows vista in it's appearance. According to official announcement, following are changes introduced after previous beta build. Fixed Auto login, it now correctly switches auto login if user ticks it in

Zorin OS 10 Core : A perfect Alternative for Windows Users
08/24/2015 09:02 PM

Latest issue of Distrowatch weekly news letter includes a review of Zorin OS 10 Core, which is a Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution offering windows like user interface. Zorin OS 10 is based on Ubuntu 15.04. This review remarks that, despite of some performance issues comparing to Zorin OS 8, Zorin OS 10 is a perfect GNU/Linux  alternative for windows migrants. Zorin OS is a GNU/

LibreOffice 5.0 - Most powerful Release So far : Review
08/23/2015 11:30 PM

The Document Foundation, recently announced release of LibreOffice 5.0, latest stable and feature ready release of world's most popular open source office suite. A review of LibreOffice 5.0 written by Jack Wallen, published in observes that, LibreOffice 5.0 is strongest office suite till date.  He also remarks that, despite of `not good looking` UI, LibreOffice 5.0 can

Do You Really Need Windows?
08/23/2015 11:23 PM

In these days, most of the laptops and desktops comes with pre installed windows. And people who purchase those systems might not have thought, whether they actually need windows. An article written by tzzsmk published, encourages newbies to make a thought, whether they actually need windows for day to day activities they are doing in their system. This article also

Manjaro Budgie Spin is Awesome
08/23/2015 10:47 PM

Manjaro GNU/Linux is well known for it's Arch base and simplified user interface. In addition to official spins, Manjaro also hosts a few community spins featuring different desktop environments.  Manjaro's recently found Budgie - An open source desktop environment build on top of gnome 3 stacks, specially designed for Solus OS - spin is amazingly awesome.  Here is a news article

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