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Installing Android Applications in GNU/Linux with ARCon
08/22/2015 10:10 PM

Have you ever wondered that, whether you can install and run android applications in your GNU/Linux system? Ofcourse, you would had such an Idea at least once in open source life.  An article written by Jack Wallen, published in lists the steps to be followed for installing Android apps in GNU/Linux using ARCon, a specialized tool that work with google chrome. I’ve spent

PC-BSD 10.2-RELEASE Announced
08/22/2015 12:14 PM

The PC-BSD team, announced release of PC-BSD 10.2 stable, which is latest update to PC-BSD 10.x series. PC-BSD 10.x users can directly update into this system through update manager utility of `pc-updatemanager` command. According to release announcement made by PC-BSD team in official blog following are major highlights of new release. FreeBSD 10.2-RELEASE base system Many bugfixes

GNOME 3.18 Refines System Menu
08/21/2015 09:03 PM

The GNOME develop team released first beta build of GNOME 3.18, upcoming stable release of widely used open source desktop environment. GNOME 3.18 first build comes with a refined system menu. From a news article published in softpedia: According to the internal changelog, which we've attached at the end of the article for reference, GNOME Shell 3.18 Beta 1 (technical version number

Linus Torvalds Delivered a Talk on Linux Security at LinuxCon
08/20/2015 09:39 PM

Linus Torvalds, the founder of Linux Foundation, delivered a talk, based on his concepts on Linux Security. In his opinion, Linux Security is not about planning future, instead it is about bug hunting in existing release. The founder of Linux explains why he's not thinking about the next 10 years of Linux and why security is all about finding bugs.  SEATTLE—At the annual LinuxCon

Ubuntu is All set to Launch Aquaris E4.5 and E5 in India
08/20/2015 09:34 PM

Canonical, the team behind Ubuntu announced that, they are all set to launch Ubuntu Aquaris E4.5 and E5 in India. Ubuntu is planning to sell Ubuntu phones through snapdeal, one of the dealing online seller in India. According to official announcement published in Ubuntu Insights: The Aquaris E4.5 and Aquaris E5 Ubuntu Edition handsets are set to launch in India through Snapdeal,

Unity 7 switches to GNOME like Scrollers Starting from Ubuntu 15.10
08/20/2015 09:40 PM

Ubuntu's unity interface has invited a lot of criticism since it's beginning. Unity's scroll bar, which is not visible easily, is one of the reason for inviting a lot of criticism. Finally, after 4 years since introduction of Unity, Ubuntu has decided to change it's design decision. Unity will introduce GNOME like scroll bar starting from Unity 15.10 on wards. According to a news

Cnchi V0.10 : Antergos Introduces Latest version of System Installer
08/19/2015 09:01 PM

The Antergos is well known for it's beginner friendly user interface combined with core features of Arch Linux. Today, the Antergos team announced release of Cnchi V0.10, the latest version of Antergos system installer. This release comes with a lot of bug fixes and feature improvements. According to release announcement published in official Antergos blog: Today we are pleased to

Vector Linux 7.1 - Moving in a Different Direction : Review
08/19/2015 08:42 PM

Now a days, there are many GNU/Linux distribution offering simplicity, ease of use, beginner friendly interface. If we go through those GNU/Linux distributions, we can see that most of them are based on Debian, Ubuntu or  at least Fedora. There may be several reasons behind this trend. Latest distrowatch weekly news letter includes a review of Vector Linux 7.1 as it's cover story.

3rd Release Candidate is Available for NetBSD 7.0
08/19/2015 08:32 PM

The NetBSD engineering team through Soren Jacobsen announced availability of 3rd release candidate for NetBSD 7.0, an independently developed BSD distribution. It is expected that NetBSD 7.0 RC3 will be final release candidate prior to release of NetBSD 7.0 stable. According to release announcement published in netbsd official blog, following are some major changes after release of

How Open Source Helped A woman to Enter into Tech Industry
08/18/2015 08:57 PM

Newbies in open source world usually asks, why to learn open source technologies and use open source tools. Here is a motivational story of a woman who stepped into tech industry through open source technologies. This story is published in opensource news letter. Open source communities have been paving the way for innovation for years, and recently they've been paving the way for

8 GNU/Linux Distribution which Are Good Enough Try
08/18/2015 08:52 PM

It's often asked that, which GNU/Linux distribution is best?. This question is some what relative, as the term 'best' may differ from to person. What about trying some GNU/Linux distribution which are not that bad? An article written by Kendell Clark, published in describes the steps to try a GNU/Linux distribution. This article also lists 8 GNU/Linux distribution which

Linux Mangaka Koe Final Released
08/17/2015 09:06 PM

The Anime Soft announced release of Linux Managaka Koe Final, a Kubuntu 14.04.x based GNU/Linux distribution featuring Vanila KDE. From Release Announcement: After the success releasing NYU with a lot of passion, we decided to start creating KOE witch reached the final stage yesterday! KOE is based on Kubuntu 14.04 with vanilla KDE 4.13.3 core libs containing manga drawing,

Debian : The Universal Operating System Celeberated 22nd Birth Day
08/17/2015 09:02 PM

Debian is one of the oldest GNU/Linux distribution. Last day, on 16th of August, Debian stake holders celebrated 22nd Birth Day of Debian GNU/Linux. From a news article published in tecmint magazine: On 16th August 2015, the Debian project has celebrated its 22nd anniversary, making it one of the oldest popular distribution in open source world. Debian project was conceived and founded

Manjaro KDE-Next 2015.08 Released
08/17/2015 08:51 PM

The Manjaro team announced release of Manjaro KDE-Next 2015.08, which is a pre release before Manjaro's migration to KDE Plasma 5.x framework. This release is a kind of preview release which exhibits features that can be expected from upcoming Manjaro KDE releases. From Release Announcement: With this release we have focused our efforts, bringing you a preview of our upcoming KDE

9th Update Is Available for Manjaro 0.8.13
08/17/2015 08:47 PM

The Manjaro team announced availability of 9th update pack for Manjaro 0.8.13. Manjaro is an Arch based rolling GNU/Linux distribution that offers a simple and elegant user interface which is combined with core features of Arch Linux. According to official announcement, following are few highlights in this update pack. glibc 2.22 Firefox 40.0.2 Thunderbird 38.2.0 Lumina Desktop 0.8.6

Pinguy OS 14.04.3 Released
08/16/2015 01:02 PM

The Pinguy OS team announced release of Pinguy OS 14.04.3, the latest update to distributions 14.04.x LTS series. This release will provide a few updates and bug fixes for packages included in 14.04.x series. According to official release announcement, following are few updates included in latest point release of PinguyOS. Nemo updated to 2.6.7 Running kernel 3.13.0-61 Firefox

KaOS ISO 2015.08 is Available
08/16/2015 12:25 PM

The KaOS team announced immediate availability of KaOS ISO 2015.08, latest stable build of independently evolved GNU/Linux distribution offering KDE with all of it's flexibility. The biggest highlight of KaOS 2015.08 is it's ability to run Plasma 5 in wayland session. Since plasma 5 integration is still in progress, kwin_x11 is default one in this release aw well. Major updates

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