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Asus Zenbook UX305 : A Powerful Laptop Shining with Fedora
08/15/2015 08:37 PM

Mr Anderson, Manager of Red Hat's IT Platform Operation reviews  ASUS Zenbook UX305, which is a beautiful, ultra thin Laptop. Mr Anderson observes that, Zenbook UX305 perform very well with Fedora.  From review of Anderson published in Back in March, I was in the market for a new laptop, and like many Linux-educated professionals I felt tempted to purchase one of the

GNOME turns 18; Happy Birthday GNOME
08/15/2015 08:30 PM

It has been 18 years since the beginning of GNOME project. In these 18 years, GNOME has evolved a lot and has established it's own space among other desktop environments. It is believed that GNOME is most widely used open source desktop environments. GNOME was founded on Friday, August 15, 1997, by Miguel de lcaza and Federico Mena Quintero , who were university students at that time.

7iSolutions joins Charm Partner Programme
08/14/2015 10:30 PM

Canonical, the team behind Ubuntu, announced joining of 7iSolutions in Charm Partner Programme. Charm Partner Programme is a joint effort to olution providers make best use of Canonical’s universal service modeling tool, Juju; enabling instant workload deployment, integration, and scaling at the click of a button. From official announcement published in Ubuntu insights: Michael

Robolinux Mate Raptor V8.1 LTS Released
08/14/2015 10:18 PM

The Robolinux team announced release of Robolinux MATE Raptor 8.1 LTS, the latest stable release of Debian based GNU/Linux distribution that let you to run virtual machines effortlessly. According to release announcement: Robolinux is very pleased and excited to announce its brand new lightning fast Robolinux "Mate Raptor" V8.1 LTS 2020 OS which is based on the rock solid Debian 8

FreeBSD 10.2 Released
08/14/2015 10:10 PM

The FreeBSD Release Engineering team announced release of FreeBSD 10.2, latest stable release of BSD distribution that can work in wide variety of platforms like Desktops, servers and embedded systems. FreeBSD 10.2 is third stable release in FreeBSD 10.x branch. It has got multiple bug fixes and has better stability over previous release. FreeBSD 10.2 also introduces several

KDE Frameworks 5.13.0 Released
08/13/2015 09:14 PM

KDE community announced release of KDE Frameworks 5.13.0. This release contains a lot of improvements and bug fixes over previous releases. According to a news article published in softpedia: KDE Frameworks 5.13.0 has just been released by the KDE Community, and developers have made a large number of changes and improvements. KDE Frameworks is the backbone of the KDE project, but

Manjaro GNOME Released
08/13/2015 09:10 PM

Manjaro community announced release of Manjaro GNOME, latest community release of Arch based GNU/Linux distribution featuring user friendly interface that combines with power of Arch Linux. According to official release announcement: The Manjaro community is proud to present this (somewhat overdue) update to the Gnome Edition installation media. This release keeps to the style

Manjaro LX (LXDE/LXQT Edition) Released
08/13/2015 09:05 PM

Manjaro community announced release of Manjaro LX, latest stable release of Arch based rolling GNU/Linux distribution offering user friendly interface in addition to core features of Arch Linux. According to official release announcement, following are new features introduced in latest version of Manjaro LXDE/LXQt Editions. Linux Kernel 4.1.x Default dns is now google Faenza

KDE Plasma 5.4 Introduces Brand New Alternative Launcher
08/12/2015 08:35 PM

KDE Plasma 5.x series is widely accepted for it's appearance and performance. KDE Community just revealed a development version of Plasma 5.4 which includes a brand new launcher. According to a news article published in softpedia: Plasma 5.4 has been revealed by the KDE Community, and the developers have made a series of very important changes and improvements that will soon land in

Tails 1.5 Released
08/12/2015 08:27 PM

Tails GNU/Linux developers announced release of Tails 1.5, latest stable release of GNU/Linux distribution that offers security and anonymity while surfing internet. Tails 1.5 includes a lot of security updates and developers recommend existing Tails users to upgrade to new system. According to official release announcement following are major changes introduced in Tails 1.5 Now local

Bodhi Linux 3.1.0 Released
08/12/2015 08:18 PM

Bodhi Linux developers through Jeff Hoogland announced release of Bodhi Linux 3.1.0, the latest update to Bodhi Linux  3.x series. Bodhi Linux team believes that this release will be a mile stone in history of Bodhi. Bodhi Linux 3.1.0 features Moksha Desktop which is a forked version of enlightenment 17. Bodhi team decided to fork enlightenment desktop as the enlightenment team has

The Solus OS to Be Released on 1st October
08/11/2015 10:23 PM

The Solus OS, which was earlier known as Evolve OS, is expected to release it's first stable release by 1st of october. Solus is an independently evolving GNU/Linux distribution that is dedicated to provide easy usability. Solus Operating System has already made t2o release candidates available and it is almost stable so far. A recent demonstration of Solus OS showcased it's ability to boot

Fedora 23 Alpha Released
08/11/2015 10:15 PM

The Fedora Project announced release of Fedora 23 Alpha, first pre-release of upcoming Fedora 23.  Fedora 23 Alpha is made available for all major Fedora flavors including workstation flavor targeting desktop/laptop users, server flavor for server computers, cloud flavor for cloud platforms and other traditional spins.  Download Fedora 23 Alpha workstation Download Fedora 23 Alpha

Kali Linux 2.0 Released
08/11/2015 09:57 PM

Kali Linux developers announced release of Kali Linux 2.0, the latest stable release of Debian based GNU/Linux distribution designed for penetration testing and security training.  Kali Linux 2.0 is most significant release of distribution since 2013. This release is based on Debian 8 Jessi and comes with Linux Kernel 4.0, improved hardware support and a variety of desktop environments

8th update is available for Manjaro 0.8.13
08/10/2015 09:23 PM

Manjaro team announced availability of 8th update pack for Manjaro 0.8.13. Manjaro is an Arch based GNU/Linux distribution that combines benefits of Arch Linux with beginners friendly interface. According to official announcement, following are some updated packages available with this update pack. Octopi v224 Systemd v224 LibreOffice 5.0 Linux Kernel 4.2 It is always good to check for

antiX 15 Review
08/10/2015 09:12 PM

Latest weekly news letter of distrowatch includes a review of antiX 15. antiX is a Debian based light weight GNU/Linux distribution. This review concludes that antiX 15 serves it's aim perfectly.   The antiX distribution is a lightweight operating system based on Debian. The latest release was put together using packages from Debian 8 "Jessie" and ships with SysV init software instead

Elementary OS Freya : A beginner friendly GNU/Linux Distribution - Review
08/09/2015 05:12 PM

A review of Elementary OS Freya, written by Gary Newell, published in everydaylinuxuser claims that it is a simple GNU/Linux distribution and is a good choice even for beginners who are not interested to get familiar with command line interface. He also says that, simple and neat user interface provided in Elementary OS Freya, makes things more simple. Elementary OS is a Linux

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