MakuluLinux Aero 10 - Beta Build 2.3 Released

MakuluLinux developers announced release of MakuluLinux Aero 10 - Beta Build 2.3, which is a Ubuntu/Debian based GNU/Linux distribution. MakuluLinux Aero is almost close enough to windows vista in it's appearance.

According to official announcement, following are changes introduced after previous beta build.
  • Fixed Auto login, it now correctly switches auto login if user ticks it in install options.
  • Completely new Login theme and manager. ( this theme needs to be tested on different resolutions )
  • Fixed Start-Menu size issues.
  • Added more functionality to top panel of File Browser, quite a few extra shortcuts exist now.
  • Replaced the SHIT gnome/cinnamon power management with Mate Power manager ( Untested, Please Test all power options ).
  • Implemented Hard Drive Disk management tools.
  • Added functionality for the btrfs file system
  • Added more functionality for the vmfs file system
  • Added check and sync TSC clocksource calibration at bootup
  • Added full ACPI support for notebooks
  • Added new Fonts ( Droid Fonts )
  • Added many more driver support
  • Added full Muffin support
  • Added GphotoFS ( filesystem to mount Digital Cameras )
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