Linus Torvalds Delivered a Talk on Linux Security at LinuxCon

Linus Torvalds, the founder of Linux Foundation, delivered a talk, based on his concepts on Linux Security. In his opinion, Linux Security is not about planning future, instead it is about bug hunting in existing release.

The founder of Linux explains why he's not thinking about the next 10 years of Linux and why security is all about finding bugs.
SEATTLE—At the annual LinuxCon event here, Linux creator Linus Torvalds revealed how he thinks about security. Torvalds was onstage with Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin, who asked the Linux founder how he feels about being the boss of Linux.

"I love open source and how all the credit comes to me," Torvalds said. "Realistically though, I only have the power to say no."

Zemlin asked Torvalds how he sees security in Linux, which is a topic of increasing concern with multiple high-profile open-source vulnerabilities in the last year, including the Heartbleed and Shellshock flaws.

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